Welcome to the MA+KE lab Paralleelium Series

The worlds have aligned to allow this rare chance to explore your own parallel universe. Welcome to the MA+KE lab Paralleelium series! Your secret pathway to exploring brave new worlds. First collection of 200 spaces now available for minting.

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About the project
Discover parallel worlds

200 unique spaces
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Paralleelium series 1:
Eternal Garden

The first series of Paralleelium brings explorers to different doors, that hide different realities. Spaces that seem like a distant memory - the parallel world is somehow familiar but in many ways different and not the same. Beautiful, quiet and eternal.

Paralleelium series 1 of Eternal Garden
Physical Garden Build

With every piece of NFT art, we aim to minimize the footprint of minting and are planting trees in our collective MA+KE lab botanical sanctuary. More info coming soon

Roadmap to Paralleelium

Short guide to whatt will happen in Paralleelium series
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Creators of Paralleelium

Meet our talented crew
    Kevin Pineda
    Concept Designer
    Martin Tõnts
    Concept Illustrator
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    Nele Kont
    Thomas Cosialls
    Blockchain Guru
    Giorgi Tsverava
    Giorgi Tsverava
    Content manager


  • What is the total supply?

    Total supply is 200 unique pieces, all secured and stored on the blockchain. Out of those 150 will be sold.
  • When is the official launch?

    The official whitelist minting is available from Friday 13th of May at 00:01.
  • How do I enter the whitelist?

    We value people who genuinely engage with our project and help it grow. Becoming one of these people could grant you a whitelist spot to mint our project. The first step is joining our Discord and finding the whitelist channel.
  • What blockchain is this hosted on?

    Our NFT collection will live on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • What can i do with my NFT?

    Hand-drawn image with crtificate NFT (1428x2000px resolution) created by the MA+KE lab will feature1 of 200 spaces in the paralleelium universe. All minted spaces will appear in OpenSea after being minted.
  • What about this Paralleelium game project?

    Series of artworks and animation tests leading up to Paralleelium game experience, more info coming soon.
  • What is the contract address?

    Official contract address on Ethereum blockchain is 0xE5247312013a24b90cd99CfEBa55b17E18Ee1daB.
  • What is the collection provenance hash?

    The provenance hash of the collection, calculated by getting the SHA-256 hash of each NFT image hash, is the following: e66cecf76101d246449c593519674aedc9816744b9eda51b1af1b9c1f3d2a5a9

Be a part of the new world
Enter our multiverse

Paralleelium lets you travel into this parallel universe, full of beauty, walking hands in hands with melancholy. With every NFT purchase, you can support the activity of building a small nature sanctuary, to keep alive the natural diversity and wildlife.

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